Name: Regan

Age:  2 years old

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

If Regan were a human, she’d probably be a model. Gorgeous and slender, with long slim legs and silky black fur. Like the best models, she has one interesting quirk that makes her more than a standard beauty. In Regan’s case, it’s the lightest sprinkling of white hairs among the black on her shoulder—just enough to make you look a little more closely at this lovely girl.
There’s more to two-year-old Regan than her striking appearance. She sits up straight and tall as you approach, and you may think this elegant kitty will hang back, evaluating you to determine whether you’re worthy to touch her. But in Regan’s case, beauty is as beauty does, and the second you open her condo, she’s right there to welcome you. Even as you reach out to her, she’ll be pushing her head into your hands, encouraging you to stroke her lithe body, and purring her appreciation.
If you enjoy playtime, Regan is your girl. She delights in wand toys, laser lights, and balls with bells. Even more than toys, Regan loves to explore. Whether it’s a new toy or a new room, she wants to know everything about it—what it looks like and sounds like, and especially what it smells like.
Whether she’s curled up in a loving lap, sniffing a new toy, or strutting across the room as if it were her own personal catwalk, Regan is a darling little girl who will make a wonderful companion. Since she doesn’t care for loud noises, she’d be happiest in a quieter home, but she is comfortable with other friendly cats.
If you’d like to meet this exquisite girl, we invite you to fill out an application at and contact POA to make an appointment to meet Regan. If you already have an approved application on file, you can send an email to to ask to meet her.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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