Name: Riley

Age:  7 years 2 months

Breed:  DSH Brown Tiger

Sex:  Female

Reaching up to pet Riley’s soft , warm little brown tiger kitty head, you cannot help but think…what if we had not been able to find her again…what if she just disappeared into the night.  Her fur is thick now, and healthy.  Her little body has gained the softness of a cat that is well fed.  Riley eats her food a bit slower too, almost convinced that it will not be her last.

Riley was found by volunteers in our parking lot at the shelter.  She was fed nightly and soon began to have faith and a bit of trust in her new found friends.  With time and patience, Riley was caught and a volunteer who had become very attached took her home to foster until there was room at the shelter.

Riley was kind of a mess with some medical and dental issues that needed to be tended to. She was scared, her life was changing.  She didn’t understand it was for the better…until now.

With markings on her face that tend to give her a bit of a perpetual dour look, one just needs to look a bit further to see the happy cat she is becoming.  The casual curl of her tail wrapped around her sleeping form.  The gentle gaze of her eyes as she prepares for a very wide, mainly toothless, yawn.

She sees you looking out the window into the cold and presses her head into your hand. It is though she is asking you not to think of the harsh life that could have been, but rather the safe, comfortable, loving life she deserves…the life of Riley.  Please come meet this shy , gentle senior today.

Riley is FIV positive, but that does not mean she cannot live a long and happy life. Please click here for information on FIV.


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