Name: Samantha

Age:  5 years 8 motnhs

Breed:  DMH Black & White

Sex:  Female

Samantha is finally ready to go home!   Her bags are packed, and with a few kisses for her favorite volunteers, Samantha will sashay out without a backward glance.  "I'll send a post card, darlings, kiss-kiss".   Well, we can't blame her for wanting a dramatic exit.   While most cats stay with us for only a few weeks, Samantha has been with us for over eight months- through no fault of her own.  Samantha came to us having been abandoned in a carrier.   She was a bit of a mess on arrival.  She underwent treatment to remove benign thyroid tumors.  She is now considered cured with no medication or treatment!   She also had a limp.  This turned out to be arthritis.  She is on a joint supplement but currently needs no medication.  Losing a little weight should help with the arthritis (she is a bit chubby and that can be hard on her joints).  That won't be too difficult since Samantha LOVES the laser light and will run and slide after it.
Throughout all of this medical care, Samantha has been a trooper!  We are thrilled that she is ready to go home.  So what kind of home is Samantha looking for?   Well, as we said, someone who would play with her would be great.  Samantha also loves her people and will lay in your lap and drool cheerfully.  Samantha expects there to be cuddling in her forever home.   She would love a window to watch birds.  A cat tree in whatever room you like to spend time would also be high on Samantha's list.  She wants to be part of the family.  Samantha also expects to be the queen of all she surveys.   Samantha sees herself as Beyonce, not a backup singer, and she expects other cats to understand that.  Samantha would be happy as an only cat, but could also live with another cat or cats, who will let her have her own space.  Samantha can be a bit of a diva, but she is also a sweetheart; a quirky, funny girl with a bit of sass and a ton of charm.  So come in and say hello.  Samantha has been waiting a long time to meet you!





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