Name: Samoa

Age:   1 year

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

We are no longer putting cats on hold for a specific adopter.  You do not need to choose a cat, but you do need to have an appointment.  You will be able to meet available cats at your appointment.  
18-month-old Samoa is the kind of cat that takes some time to figure out. She hides her true self at first. But trust us, this girl is worth it.
Samoa came to Protectors of Animals when her person was incarcerated. She was NOT happy to be here. With her grumpy expression and her tendency to swat, we assumed that she was a spicy girl. Her negative reaction when she saw other cats made us believe that she didn’t like other cats either.
She was moved into our Behavior Assessment Room (the “BAR”) so she could have time in more quiet environment with fewer cats and people. She did much better! But she was hesitant to come out of her condo… hanging back. Perhaps she was a timid cat and not spicy after all?
Well, given a bit more time, Samoa has let us know that that isn’t who she is either. She now hops out of her condo eagerly. She likes a wand toy. She will run in circles for the laser. She likes petting. And she likes the other nice, respectful cats she has met!
Turns out that Samoa is like a lot of us. She needs time and space to process change and loss. She isn’t going to be jollied out of that time or forced to do anything before she is ready. (She doesn’t suffer fools gladly either.) She also needs a little time to warm up in new situations and to decide who she can count on. She fears rejection. And she may finds it hard to take those first steps towards a new life.
But Samoa wants to be loved and liked. She craves connection. She looks for joy. And when SHE is ready, she will march ahead, ready for a new beginning. We think Samoa is ready to start again. Maybe you are too.
To find out more or to make an appointment to meet our available cats please fill out the application at Our placement team will be in touch by email. If you already have an approved application, simply email If Samoa is not the cat for you, please consider spreading the word so that she can find the perfect home.
To find out more or to make a special appointment to meet our available cats and kittens, please fill out the application at If you already have an approved application, you can simply email

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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