Name: Tonka

Age: 10 years 2 months

Breed: DMH Orange & White

Sex: Male

In the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, it turns out that the Cowardly Lion isn’t really a coward. One gets the feeling that earlier in his life, he may have been startled or frightened so much that he came to believe the entire world was like this. Then, he meets a band of kind companions who surround him with caring, friendship, and support. This turns his life around so that in the end, the Wizard himself bestows on the Cowardly Lion a medal bearing the word “Courage.”

Tonka isn’t a coward either. He’s a sweet, gentle boy who is easily startled and intimidated. Most times, this wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, a cat in his former home bullied him so much that poor Tonka finally spent all his time hiding in the basement. By the time Tonka came to us, he was terrified of pretty much everything. It didn’t help that he had medical issues that needed to be addressed; after all, nobody’s at their bravest and best when they feel lousy.

POA volunteers began to work with Tonka, helping him to know he was safe. Tonka received the medical care he needed so he could feel better. Day after day, our volunteers spoke quietly to him, petting him softly and assuring him that everything was going to be all right. Within a few weeks, Tonka started to emerge from his shell. We saw signs that he was beginning to trust. Day by day, our cowardly lion found the courage to let people approach him, pet him, brush him, and even pick him up. Now, his confidence is growing day by day. As long as you come to him quietly and let him set the pace, Tonka will welcome your attention.

Most surprising is our discovery that Tonka likes to play. He’ll bat a stuffed mouse around the floor, chase a red laser light, and grab whatever’s dangling from the wand toy—proof that in spite of everything, Tonka still has an amazing capacity for joy. Seven-year-old Tonka’s ideal home would be a quiet one with someone who knows how to work with shy cats. In spite of his earlier experience, Tonka has been fine with friendly cats in the shelter—more evidence of his remarkable resilience. We believe that in a peaceful home where he feels safe and secure and loved, Tonka will blossom into a marvelous companion.

To find out more or to make a special appointment to meet them, please fill out the application at and send an e-mail to The first approved application that is a good match will be given an appointment but they will remain on the website and Facebook until they are adopted. The Placement Team Volunteers at will have the most up to date information about appointments.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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