Name: Wasabi

Age: TBD

Breed: DSH Black & White

Sex: Female

Wasabi is a compilation of contradictions. She is a sweetheart of a cat with a spicy name. She is a tiny girl, who came to us as a mother of six! She is a cat who knows her own mind, but craves people. Somehow it all adds up to perfection!

Let’s start with her looks. At first glance, Wasabi seems like an ordinary tuxedo cat with her black coat and white collar. However, when you look closer, you can see how unique she is. You may notice how her eyes shine, and how her ebony fur is speckled with white, giving the impression of stars covering the night sky.

And Wasabi’s enamored foster Mom says that her personality is equally exceptional. She describes Wasabi as unusually sweet, delightfully playful, and deeply curious. Now yes, her foster Mom might just be a little bit partial, but Wasabi really is a darling!
Wasabi is extremely social. She loves to play and can be charmingly silly. She likes to make you laugh, and is a joy to have around.
Wasabi also has decided preferences that she will happily tell you all about. And if you don't listen, she'll show you. "Not this toy, the red one!" "You need to wait, I'm going to explore right now." "I know you want to nap but I want to chew on your hair." Luckily, while Wasabi knows what she wants, she is never aggressive. In fact, Wasabi is unusually gentle. She enjoys touch from head to paw and will appreciate a home where she can have equal amounts of petting and play.

As much as Wasabi loves her people, she is NOT a fan of other pets. She is focused on bonding with her people, and she doesn’t want to compete for attention or space. She would be happiest as your one and only. So if you are looking for a one and only who is also a wonderful one of a kind, please ask us about Wasabi. And if you want to spoil Wasabi with touch, toys, and treats, you'll have a very grateful (and unique) little cat in your home.

To find out more or to make a special appointment to meet them, please fill out the application at www.poainc.org and send an e-mail to POAplacement@gmail.com. The first approved application that is a good match will be given an appointment but they will remain on the website and Facebook until they are adopted. The Placement Team Volunteers at poaplacement@gmail.com will have the most up to date information about appointments.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email poaplacement@gmail.com for more info and an appointment.

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