Winnie – Adoption Pending

Name: Winnie

Age:    2 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

“And there you have it. The awful truth, the bottom line. When it comes to love… there’s no simple fix. You’re out there, on your own, and maybe all you can do is hang on… and hope for the best. And lead with your heart.”~ The Wonder Years
Do you remember Winnie Cooper on the television show The Wonder Years? Kind, wise beyond her years… and of course lovely, in a way that has more to do with a sweet soul than good genes. If you remember that Winnie, you might agree that our Winnie is perfectly named.
Two year old Winnie is all big eyes and long legs, coltish, and undeniably pretty. But Winnie isn’t just a pretty face. This sweetheart was found outside, abandoned and pregnant. She was an excellent mother to her babies, but she is now ready to be your baby. She has been through tough times, and she may not know what her future holds, but she is open to love and hopes for the best. And Winnie always leads with her heart.
To find out more about Winnie or to make a special appointment to meet her, please fill out the application at If you have an approved application, simply e-mail

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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