Name: Zippy

Age:  13 years

Breed: Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Sex: Male

Introducing Zippy!

Meet Zippy! He is a 13 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix who weighs in at 12lbs. Don't let that senior age on paper fool you - Zippy surely embodies the saying that "age ain't nothin" but a number!" Zippy can zing and zag, zip and zoom with all of the gusto of dogs half his age! This boy has LOTS of energy and loves to be on the go. Zippy really enjoys being outside and going for walks. He also enjoys some lap time and belly rubs. He is a great little pooch who needs a dog-savvy owner capable of setting boundaries and giving him his much-needed exercise. Zippy would be quite content as the only dog in the home, although he may consider a calm, quiet canine roommate. No children for Zippy please. To learn more about Zippy, please contact Stacey at . Better yet, fill out an online application at - you'll be glad you did!


To inquire about adoption visit the dog bio's for adoption counselor contact info or call us at (860) 569-0722.  Please allow for up to one week to hear back regarding your application.

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