Name: Barbara

Age: About 4 months

Breed: DSH Tiger

Sex: Female

Barbara is a wonderful companion cat. Her personality is bright and engaging, with energy for playing, but also just hanging out and chatting. Barbara loves, loves, loves  snuggles and will wriggle and purr with delight - she is very good at gently placing her head in your hands if you’ve forgotten to continue giving her attention. It’s really quite adorable! 

If you’re looking for a friend for a cat at home, Barbara has impeccable manners with other cats and plays very well with others. 

For her humans: Barbara would do well in a home where she’s part of the action. She is very self sufficient and finds ways to entertain herself, but she likes to sit down for a chat and cup of tea with her human friends and becomes upset if she’s ignored or left out. She has a particular high pitched meowlr that lets people know she’s feeling neglected, but she’s also not relentless about it. Unless she’s hungry. Then Barbara has an entire different approach - the “I’m so adorable, feed me” routine - it’s all meows and trills and head butts and wriggling and sometimes belly flashes, if she’s feeling enthusiastic. 

Barbara would be the most popular girl in school and it would be because she’s nice to everyone, really easy to get along with and genuinely wants to know how your day was. 

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