Name: Ernie

Age:  About 4 months

Breed:  DSH  Black

Sex:  Male

Ernie looks like a little old man with white fur shooting out of his ears (named after the famous actor Ernest Borgnine). He was rescued emaciated and scared with his brothers and sisters. The first step was to help Ernie gain weight, drink clean water and have safe shelter. He accepted this all with open arms but still constantly feared quick movement and loud noises. He saw every moving object as a predator that he would have to defend himself against. But he, along with his brother, Guy, proved to be the two most trusting of the bunch and allowed both children and adults of the foster family to start interacting with him. Best tips for Ernie are “slow and low” and avoiding any staring contests (looking directly in the eye). By averting your eyes and moving slowly when picking him up, his fuzzy furball of a body will relax in your lap and start purring nonstop. And day by day he becomes more and more needy of a connection to kind and caring humans. He loves perching on top of cat trees and quietly looking out windows. He loves the company of other kittens and has been living in a foster house with young kids. A quick way to bond is to pet him while he eats. Ernie loves his wet food and immediately proved that his favorite people were the ones who brought him food! Besides the extreme cuteness factor, Ernie will make an amazingly sweet and loyal pet in his forever home. He’s making huge strides day by day and will continue to do so in the right patient and loving environment.

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