Name: Guy Raz

Age:  About 4 months

Breed:  DSH  Black

Sex:  Male

Guy Raz came to his foster family emaciated and scared with his three siblings. He and his brother and sisters quietly observed as they received endless food, fresh water, shelter, and attention from their new human foster family. That with the help of two other much more trusting foster kittens as guides, Guy steadily gained weight and learned how to play like a true kitten should; frolicking and having a blast. Mimicking the two super friendly foster kittens, he and his siblings learned the ropes and began to understand that there were kind and loving humans in the world and that it was okay to be trusting. Each day that passed lead to bolder interactions with humans and now Guy Raz can’t stop himself from constantly weaving in and out of human’s legs and flopping on the floor to indicate a belly rub is needed pronto. He can’t get enough snuggles and wants to be in constant contact with people. The love he expresses is overflowing from weeks of living scared on the streets and his happiness and gratefulness to have found a safer, better and happier life. He has lived in a foster home with very active and lively children as well as many other kittens. Because of his very social nature he will need a playmate to wrestle with and chase after toys. The amazing transformation from day one of his rescue until now shows that he has always had a huge loving heart but just needed a safe environment to show it. Guy Raz will be an absolute gem in any forever home and seeks a loving family to shower with his love.

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