Name: Herman & Gomez

Age: 3.5 months

Breed:  DSH BLack

Sex: Male

Herman and Gomez are bonded brothers, and they would love to go to a home together. They know it's hard to tell them apart at first glance, but Herman has two white whiskers and a couple of white hairs on his neck. He is also slightly shyer than Gomez, though these 3.5 month old boys are both fairly shy and quiet around humans. They're still getting used to being pet and picked up, but they are slowly figuring out that petting feels awesome. They appreciate patient humans who don't mind that they can be skittish. These little panthers love to snuggle with each other, sit in safe places, and cause trouble when no humans are looking. They love to play with toys and enjoy when humans get down to their level for playtime - especially if there are treats involved. They are untested with dogs, are curious about adult cats, and probably would do best in a home with older, patient children or adults.

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