Name: Mindy

Age: About 4 months

Breed:  DSH Black

Sex:  Female

Mindy was rescued with her three siblings emaciated and frightened. She was welcomed into a foster home and given lots of extra meals, clean water and comfy spots to snooze in.  Although it was challenging, Mindy has done an amazing job learning to trust her humans and realizing getting loved feels fabulous!  She went from hiding in corners to now lounging fully stretched out on the top level of cat trees. One of her goofiest tendencies is that she loves to stretch and is never quite aware of where her arms and legs are going. She often slides from level to level down a cat tree on her side or back like a slinky toy. Her contortions are also similar when in your lap and often become a purring rag doll in your arms during her snuggle sessions. Mindy would do great with another kitten but also independent enough to do fine solo as long as she has lots of human interaction. When needing love she will come out and sit in front of you keeping her distance while she waits patiently to be approached for affection. Petting her when she eats also helps to bond with her. She lived in a foster home with lots of other kittens and rambunctious young kids. She isn’t phased by noise but sometimes fast movement makes her nervous. She is a a sweet little girl who is so grateful to be given a second chance and will make her forever family so happy.

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