Baby, Lightning & Henry – Enjoying their life.

Baby is doing so well! He did get a new name since he’s such a little rascal I am now calling him Rexter. He is eating regularly and well.I give him a can of fancy feast in the morning and a can at night with a small amount of dry food. He has lost a little weight since he doesn’t have the all you can eat buffet like he did when he was at the shelter. 🙂 He also enjoys his feather on a stick it is probably his very favorite toy. 

Wanted to send along an update on your friend Lightning, who has since been renamed to the more size- and speed-appropriate Bear. We adopted him from you about three weeks ago, but he’s already made himself very comfortable here with us. He seems especially fond of looking out the window, napping within eyesight of us, and curling up inside whatever cozy spot he can find (bathtub, sinks, boxes… you name it!). He’s been a wonderful and welcome addition to our home – thanks for allowing us the chance to invite him into our life!

It’s been nearly a year since we adopted Henry (latest photo attached, on his favorite perch). I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for what you do. Happy holidays!!

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