Fernando & Cowboy (Zips & Zig Zag) Update

When we adopted the now former Fernando and Cowboy, we were asked to send an updated picture. Attached you will find Zips (left) and Zig Zag (right)
making themselves at home in my office chair – a favorite place to hangout even if I am only gone a minute 🙂 – second only to their special bed
and blanket during the day. IF they are not sleeping, they are snuggling with their respective son or engaging in an entertaining and merry chase throughout the house.
Thank you for the care your staff gave our sons as they received these very special birthday gifts. Rest assured both are active caregivers and the kittens will never want for love and attention. 
We look forward to a long and happy life with Zips and Zig Zag.
Christina, Pete, Tyler, Cory
The Gruca Family