Max Update! another happy POA Kitty

He is an absolutely fabulous kitty! Max, on right, is very affectionate, he follows me all over the house always looking for a belly rub and likes to be held and touched. He gets along great with my 3 year old kitty
Lil Gurl (LG), who now runs around the house with Max as if she is a kitten herself. He’s also cool with the dogs, hasn’t taken a swipe at them, but tends to stick close by my other cat rather than mingling with the canines.
Max is such a healthy beautiful cat; he’s quite active, with acrobatic jumps and leaps, he flies around the house like the wind, so I often call him “Mad Max”. His appetite is good, he is sleek and muscular with a glossy coat.When he looks up at me, you can see the tips of his fangs sticking out a little, its really cute.
I’m so happy with him, he is truly a member of my family and I love
him dearly!    Best Wishes, Lisa

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