Milky & Nilla aka Ivory & Cassidy Update!

Things are going AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t have hoped things could go this well.  Right from the start the dogs were interested in them. There hasn’t been a single bark, growl, hiss or swat. Only playful swatting 🙂 Spunky has been playing with Ivory (black spot on nose) He’s been so good with them. Things are going fantastic.  Thank you so much for showing them to me yesterday. I really appreciate it. I didn’t even expect to get a cat and it was such a nice surprise to come home with 2. We love them. They add a level of fun to the house and lots of stress to the birds haha. Ivory is the more outgoing one and Cassidy is the shyer one who sometimes hides.  I appreciate the time you spent making sure I got the right ones for our family.  Laura