Ola (Thor) Update

I got a message regarding Ola.  HE IS DOING WONDERFUL!  His name is now Thor.  Hopefully he will grow into his massive paws and if so, he is going to be a big boy.  Our other two cats are really starting to accept him, the older male cat is one of Thor’s favorite play toys.  He is a wonderful purrer, loves to snuggle with us and just be with us, sleeping on the pile of pillows on the couch.  His favorite toy is a large rat that I got at Petsmart, which is  actually a dog toy.  But of course, anything that makes  noise, moves, or catches his attention is a great toy for a little while.  All his toys are
scattered across the living room and dining room.  He loves to be up high.  We have ordered a six foot tall cat tower and have a corner by the window ready for it when it arrives.I guarantee he is a super happy kitten who is growing super fast and we are two very happy new Pet Parents!
Kelly and Jeff Moore