Oscar update

I wanted to let you know how Oscar has been doing at our house. He is such a sweet guy, we all love him and are happy to have him as part of our family. He has settled into the master bedroom nicely and definitely thinks of it as his own! His favorite spot is a fleece blanket at the end of our bed- I usually find him snoozing there. He likes the cardboard box the kids decorated & carpeted for him, and he also likes his mouse and a feathered ball toy that we bought for him. (Ironically he could care less about the cat tree and fancy bed I bought him, and I may end up donating them to you all, if you can use them!) He passed his vet check with flying colors, although they did strongly recommend that we help him transition to a wet prescription food for his crystals. I am happy to say that with patience and a careful transition he is now on the wet food (he will only eat the kind with “fillets” in it- none of that mushy stuff for our guy!!)

I will say that he is still very cautious- loud noises and quick movements (like 3 children running up the stairs & into the bedroom to say hello) will send him under our bed in no time. We are working on helping him adjust to our sometimes boisterous home, mostly by working with the kids to move more slowly and speak more quietly! He is not a big fan of our dogs, although we have gotten to the point where he will let them come into the room and sniff around without puffing up like a raccoon and hissing. I am very careful to supervise their visits, and usually block the door off with a baby gate so they can all see, but not touch, each other. My two older dogs are not really concerned with him, the 4 year old pup is curious but is also clearly intimidated by the tiger we brought home. 🙂 

When I go out during the day and the dogs are confined to their own room downstairs, I leave my door open so Oscar can feel free to explore, however I have never come home to find him anywhere but on his blanket. I am glad he has a space he feels comfortable in.

 Every night he comes up on the bed and lays across my chest or snuggles between me and my husband and purrs like crazy, he loves having his head patted, & he comes up to me when I call to him (in my room) and enjoys the kids when they are being quieter and more careful. He is definitely getting attention, care and love! I am planning to keep to our current gentle transition plan in the hopes that some day he may be ready to move around more freely- but please let me know if you have any further suggestions.

Thank you for helping us find our new buddy!
Best Regards,
Sarah Hair