Peaches ‘N Cream

 Peaches and Buffy in my lap, something that happens every night
This feral cat was showing up at my doorstep daily so I started feeding her, making sure she had both wet and dry food.  I named her Peaches ‘N Cream.  She never allowed me to get close to her.  This went on for over a year and a half.  After the loss of my beloved Rusty, I found myself wanting to save her and make her a part of my family.  I called POA and Judy trapped her shortly thereafter for me.  She was returned to me within a week, all set to go and spent about 6-7 weeks in the basement, not wanting to join me and my Princess Buffy Angora.  Peaches had a bed of her own and a litter box in the basement she instinctively used.  I would go downstairs and read to her every night, make eye contact (using the Jackson Galaxy eye blink), hoping she would get used to the sound of my voice and feel safe enough to venture upstairs. 

Peaches at home, happy and healthy on the couch

It was News Year Eve when she finally made an appearance in the living room, in awe of the lights, the sound of the television, and a fire in the fireplace. Over time, she came to trust me and actually stay upstairs.  I bought a cat tree for her to claw and she settled in Buffy’s cat bed.  Not to worry, Buffy has plenty of beds.  Over time and with patience and love, Peaches is now a lap cat that loves to be petted and combed.  She has no desire to even go outside; I think she knows how safe she truly is here.  Both Peaches and Buffy settle in my lap every night and get along together.  Buffy is 16 years old with a new buddy of her own.  It’s truly amazing that this feral cat is now a loving part of my family.  
I have Judy and POA to thank for this,
 Janet Grous