Roxie update

Writing with a great update on Roxie, same named but nicknamed Roo-Roo.  She had some struggles getting settled in but is now happy and very much at home.  I have never had a cat that values security over adventure so much – she really just wants to be safe and is not very curious, doesn’t even watch the birds right outside her window much!  She is loving and sweet and ADORES treats and wet food – she chirps for it, and if you try to pet her before producing it, she will duck your hand, run to her food bowl, and give an expectant look with her huge green eyes.  When she gets ear rubs she thumps her kind leg like a bunny – it is very cute.
She and my resident tortie do not get along at all so I have kept them separated, but she has done well with a friend’s kitten. Thank you so much for bringing us together.