Snowflake aka Ross Update

I apologize for getting back to you so late regarding your phone call inquiry as to how Ross is doing.  We adopted him back at the end of November.  He has brought pure joy to our family!  His new name is Snowflake, for reasons that are obvious, as his beautiful white coat reminds the children of new-fallen snow.  We all just adore him and he is thriving!  He eats well, sleeps at the foot of our bed (as well as naps often during the day).  He loves to play, is amazingly receptive to new children that come to the house for playdates, and he is very loved.  He is very nimble and coordinated – quite an athlete, really, when he bats a ball around or jumps in the air! 
We are so happy to have  him in our family.  I am attaching a few photos of him – we have several more that are on my husband’s iphone, and I had been waiting for him to forward them to my email to send with a note, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to write, so here are just a few.  Best wishes to you and thank you for a wonderful experience in adopting Snowy! 
Lynda Stone/Andy Zelman