Starlight, Scamper, Pippa & Lily – living happily!!!

Chellie, formerly Starlight
 Our new kitten so loves attention.  When you stop petting her, she immediately gently paws your hand, as if to say, “More, please!”  She alternates between being our “rocket girl” flying up and down stairs, and then resting quite comfortably on select beds, wool afghans and chairs.  We’re very happy to have our new family member. If you recall, we adopted “Starlight” in October, after the loss of our older cat to cancer.  We were dead set on another male, and preferably an orange male, when you placed her in my arms.

Although she’s now called “Chellie” she’s still the little “star” of our home.  She’s a very sweet cat and she’s grown to quite enjoy the comforts of her home. She especially loves sleeping on hand-knit wool afghans where she can stretch out to her full length (she’s on Cathy above).   

It’s clear that she had wonderful foster care, and was lucky to be found by POA. 
Thanks again for introducing her to us!.

Happy New Year from Pippa and Lily

Just wanted to give you an update on “Scamper“, that we adopted earlier this month.  Yes, we kept the name…we found it to be unique and we liked the name.  She is loving her new surroundings and knowing she is the queen of the castle…

Her favorite spots are definitely on top of the couch, and at night she likes to curl up by our feet on the bed…

Here’s a few pics of her relaxing (she does this very well) 🙂

Thank you again POA!

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