Story about Rescuing 10 kittens and 2 mother cats!!

Bob and Gail Davis borrowed traps from POA to rescue a bunch of kittens and mom cats in their area. 
They successfully trapped them, fixed them and placed the kittens. Here is an update and a beautiful picture!!
To the POA Staff:
Here are the kittens we rescued…6 with the traps and 4 by hand.  We also trapped two mother cats – One Calico, with her kitten, Delilah, in the same trap and One Orange.  The mother cats were spayed and returned to our back yard, where they’ve spent all of their lives so far.  They were too feral to foster.  We are continuing to feed them as is our neighbor two houses down.  Our son, daughter-in-law and our two grandchildren (Christopher 15 yrs. and Rachel 12 yrs.) are fostering them.Jack is the kitten our son and family kept.  He was rescued from our crawl space in the cellar.  Because they had to put their two year old cat down due to kidney failure, they decided to keep Jack
Patronus was the first kitten adopted.  We pulled him from under the garage door. His eyes were all pasted shut so he couldn’t see.  We brought him to our Vet.  The Dr. cleaned his eyes.  When he was brought back out to us, his eyes were beautiful. They gave him a clean bill of health.  We had him a day and a half before he was adopted by a family.  Both Bob and I got choked up & I cried when Melissa came to get him. That’s when they caught two of the kittens by hand. 
Minnie was the next kitten to be adopted.  Milo and Donnie were adopted this morning (Sat. 6/29/2013).  Delilah will be going to another home sometime this week.Boo and Mikey are also spoken for.  Midnight and Leo are still very skittish and will continue to be fostered by Brett and Melissa until they are comfortable with the human touch. 
We were very happy and Blessed to have been able to rescue the 10 Kittens and two mothers.  Delilah, the Calico, looks just like her mother.  The orange kittens look just like their mother.  I am convinced we had help from God as we wouldn’t have had such success otherwise.  The kittens are adorable and all healthy.  I believe it was due to our neighbor and us feeding the mothers when they were pregnant.  Melissa was telling me that she had 5 of the kittens on her.  They were licking her ear and face and purring.  When they opened the porch door (right off their kitchen), to feed them, the kittens took off into the house.  They had to chase them to get them back onto the porch.  Jack tried to get on the porch.  When they are being fed, Brett and/or Melissa or our grandchildren have to be careful where they walk because they are all over their feet.  We are so grateful to Brett, Melissa, Christopher and Rachel. It would have been much harder if we didn’t have them and their love for the kittens. 
This is our success story.  We love animals and feel those who are irresponsible pet owners should be fined for allowing their pets to run loose without being spayed or neutered.  We have 5 adult cats – all spayed: Penny, Pepper, Kahli (the mom who had kittens), Belle and Sammy – all females.  We keep them indoors as we live near a busy street.  One of the cats we have was let loose by her previous owner and had kittens in our neighbor’s garage.  Fortunately, she was friendly and we were able to adopt her after her kittens were old enough to be adopted.  Thank you all for all you do for abandoned cats and kittens.

Thank you for the use of the traps. 
Bob and Gail Davis 

The kittens names from left to right: 
Top – Donny (Ninja Turtle), Midnight
Delilah (Calico), Mikey, and Jack.  
Middle –   Boo, Milo (another Ninja Turtle), Minnie, and Patronus (named after a character in Lord of the Rings). 
Bottom:- Leo (another Ninja Turtle).  

Of course the names will be changed as they are adopted.  Originally, we named Patronus – Moses.
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