Update: Gretchin

Dear Protectors of Animals Staff,

My name is Chelsea Burns, I came into your facility in hopes to find an adult cat, one that we knew their behavior and personality. But as last option, just to show, I was introduced to the 8mth old “Gretchin” and instantly fell in love!
Mila is the absolute happiest, fun, exciting family member. Mila has about 4 bird toys that give her a lot of exercise, she actually plays fetch! Now that the weather is nice her true passion is looking out the back porch and listening to the birds. She is an active, curious kitty that offers so much joy and laughter to our household.
I wanted a cat for a companion and Mila is EVERYTHING I could ever want in a cat. She follows us around the apartment, even waits outside the shower for me! When we come home, she greets us at the door purring and then goes some place level to us to give nose kisses. My favorite is that she is a lap/chest cat!!  My boyfriend, never been around cats first asked “what is the breathing sound she is making, what’s wrong with her” she was purring! He is now an expert with her and I am very jealous since he is her favorite to sleep on.
Thank you for your help especially the lady in the picture who was so incredibly helpful and honest. Just wanted to update you that you gave her a nice home! It is truly a blessing to have her