Update Natasha

It’s been almost a year and a half since we adopted Natasha from POA.  Now renamed Aja (pronounced “Asia” – as in the Steely Dan song/LP), she’s very settled and comfortable here.  She’s still skittish with strangers and goes to her safe place in our closet during thunderstorms, but otherwise, she’s healthy and doing great.  We invested in a nearly 6-foot tall cat tree and had expected our other shelter cat, Isis, to perch up at the top, but Aja surprised us by being the one who loves to climb around and explore the higher levels.  Her favorite activities are batting milk bottle rings around the room and then hiding them, watching the world from her favorite window,  watching Daddy play video games on TV, and snuggling with her kitty best friend, Isis.  She’s become quite the character and is much more assertive and vocal now when she wants food, a playmate, or cuddles.  Definitely not the cowering, scared cat who stayed in a corner until called/coaxed like when we first got her.  We went through a period where our other cat was very sick (turned out to be a food allergy) and Aja was very affectionate and groomed Isis when she seemed to be too weak or drowsy to clean herself.  She stayed by her a lot of that time and now, one will always come running if the other one cries, i.e. during thunderstorms or when we have to give one a pill or flea treatment.  They’ve really bonded and Aja seems very happy here.  Sending along some photos of her and one of the two of them together.  Thank you for everything you do.  We’re so glad to have Aja as part of our family. 
~~ Michele & Jim