Update Sophie (Piper)

Sophia the kitten has been renamed Piper. We just love her to pieces and after a few days of getting to know escape routes from our older cat and two Havanese, Piper now hangs out comfortably with everyone! She knows now that our younger Havanese, who scared her at first with his exuberance, is actually her most reliable playmate (other than our son Griffin of course!).  She is a most wonderful addition to our family.   Please pass our thanks on to the foster mom who provided the opportunity for Piper to spend her first weeks of life in a safe and comfortable environment.  Because of this Piper was able to develop into a confident, curious and loving companion.

We are so grateful for the tireless efforts of the people who make up your organization!

Warm regards,

Val, Joe, Connor and Griffin Sullivan

Ember, Zoey, Rio and Piper!