Update Timmy (Angus Paddycat)


I just wanted to send an email and some pictures to let you know that Angus Paddycat (formerly known as “Timmie”) has settled in with Mark and me in his forever home and is doing well. As far as we’re concerned, Angus is the perfect cat – he’s smart and funny and loves to snuggle.  Best of all, he and his sister, Joyce, have become the best of friends – they play together, wrestle together, nap together and even eat out of the same bowl.  As far as his mobility is concerned, Angus is not letting whatever’s wrong with his legs get in his way – he can get up on the couch and the bed and the dinner table and climbs the stairs up to our loft like a little mountaineer.  He is a wonderful cat and we feel very lucky to have him as part of our family.

Attached are a few pictures of Angus and our Halloween pumpkins – he was curious enough about the pumpkins to sit still, so I could take some pictures that weren’t a furry blur!  Also, there are a couple of picture of Angus and his sister, hangin’ out in the living room during a quiet moment.

Thank you for all your help and for the good care you took of our Angus Paddycat when he was with you.  He sends his love and a great, big, loud, PURR to everyone.

-Rachel and Mark