Updates on Oliver, Milton, Skylow & Bello.

Oliver was adopted by Bob in September 2012 as a little orange colored kitten. Here is what we heard last from Bob –  He is doing great at his new home. Oliver became comfortable the first day of his arrival exploring the house and checking out all the rooms. He is the first to greet guests at the door and is very friendly to them. Oliver is growing into a healthy full size cat and I’m very happy to have him in my life. Here is an attached photo of him on my(his) bed. Thanks again for all your help.
Milton is now Jackson and is more amazing than we ever dreamed he’d be. He often sleeps with us and loves lounging on our large Ottoman. (see picture) He loves pets when we come home fro work and often curls up next to us on the couch. He is eating fine, half cup of Purina a day and some wet food. He loves to play, doing front flips and barrel rolls to catch his bird on a string. He’s sitting right next to me as I type this email. Thank you for finding him so that we were able to find him and adopt him. Hope you enjoy the pictures. He is much loved and appreciated.

Skylow and Bello (now Charlie) are doing great! It took them a few days to build up the confidence to come out from inside the boxspring in the guest bedroom to say hi when we were in the room, and Bello was the first one to come out to our surprise. They love nap time and falling asleep in our laps. They also enjoy naptime under the christmas tree. I was in the basement with Bello and there was a loud noise upstairs: Skylow had knocked the tree over, earning his new nickname Skymonster. They also love their toys, including hiding in cardboard boxes, chasing balls all over the floor until they lose it under furniture, and my personal favorite is when Bello drags a dangle toy across the room and Skylow chases after him to play tug of war. Happy holidays! And thank you for allowing us the opportunity to add these two loving kittens to our lives!
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