Lucky’s Update

Hi Laura, I think we’ve had Lucky for about 6 wks now, give or take, but it seems like a life time! He is so wonderful and so sweet and so LAZY! LOL! 🙂 Walking him is a chore for sure.  He is still very much in love with Connor but adores all children! Such a sweet gentile dog.  We can pick him up and carry him all over the place with no issues.  He is still skidish of strangers and will hide behind one of us but if they approach him slowly before they know it they have a lap dog. When he feels up to it he runs around the yard with Roxi chasing his favorite toy, tennis balls!  Thank you again for letting us love him and for choosing us to be his forever home!!! Jill, Brewster, Allissa & Connor  

Princess’s 2 Year Update

Hi Laura Just a note to let you know that Princess continues to thrive and is a quirky funny little girl.  Its been almost 2 years since we adopted her and we could not be happier we made that choice. She now weights  almost 16 pounds and has a full coat. She has several squeaky toys and is particularly attached to one which is a little lamb, (it goes to bed with her and gets up with her every day).  She also has the remains of another stuffed toy that is now 3 pieces of purple cloth.  No squeak in that one.  The 3 pieces of rag are also her security blankets I guess because they also go to bed with her every night.  She has us very well trained. She loves to run out and chase the ducks and squirrels out of the yard.  The geese are a different story.  She respects them, and we have to chase them.  They make such a mess. Lucy is 11 now and we are going for her routine vet visit today with her. Princess will go along for the ride and get weighed.  Lucy has had a few problems this past year and we put up a ramp for her to go up and down off the deck, they both use it.  Princess and her get along very well.   Hope all is well with you.  I still look at the dogs frequently on your website.    Have a good day, Mary 

Blitz Has A New Home

Blitz has a new home!! It was well worth the wait!! Here she is with her mom and twin sister Astrid!!!  

Popi Update

Hi Laura, Here’s our latest family portrait! Popi is a completely different dog from when we first got him. He’s the sweetest who loves his belly rubs. Tata is very protective of him. We’re all settled in and happy 🙂 Thanks again to Protectors of Animals.

Update on Nalla

Hey Laura.  Can you believe it’s been a year this month since we brought Nalla home? She’s settled in sooo well for us. She & Shabba are great friends; chasing each other in the yard, laying on each other. She loves sitting on my lap and laying next to Melisa on the couch. She’s truly Melisa’s girl, following her around the house. She sleeps in our bed. She always announces herself when she goes outside. She’s still very afraid of others but is getting a little more comfortable when we have others over. She’ll hide when someone is here but not as afraid to move around the house after they’re gone. She’s been a good fit for us. She’s not afraid or confused about us when we come home anymore. Shabba has taught her how to be a dog in a regular home. Having her around has been good for him too. If she could I’m sure she would send love your way! Tony Gregory