Pepe Update

Hi Laura, Hope this email find you well! It’s been a while since I’ve given you an update on our Pepe and I thought you and your team would like to know how he’s doing. Attached is a family photo from Thanksgiving. Pepe’s had his ups and downs health-wise. In December, he had surgery to remove 2 bladder stones. We’ve learned that he has irritable bowel syndrome and Addison’s disease.  With steroids and a special diet, he is doing well most days.  He’s still fussy about going for walks so my husband drives us about a mile from home and we  get out and walk so he has no choice other than to walk, which he eventually enjoys! He is getting lots of love and affection which I think is helping him a lot, too. Hope the snow’s not too bad for you and you and all your rescue dogs are fine! Take Care! Nancy     

Ellie Update

Hi there !  Ellie is fantastic.  She is such a sweetheart and sleeps under the covers at my feet each night.  She is a love bug!  She doesn’t particularly like the cat but she has gained alpha status lol.  She shows no signs oh separation anxiety.  So glad she is part of our family.  She is sitting on me right now as I type.  Hope you are well!  I visited my friend john the other week. He adopted a cat named Ozzie from POA.  He is adorable!!!!  Hope this finds you well!

Frankie Update

  Frankie saw our Vet for the first time yesterday.  He weighs 12.6 pounds. He was great – well-behaved and very friendly. Everybody loved his personality and found him very handsome.    We noticed that he didn’t like to go out with the other dogs when it got too cold. They have these natural big heavy duty fur coats, and poor Frankie was shivering with the cold (although, he didn’t mind the snow when it got warmer). We were using some of our dogs’ old coats, but they just didn’t fit right and kept sliding around on him. We tried shopping for some, but found no good fit anywhere. One lady at PetSmart said they don’t seem to make coats for his length with his small waist and “barrel chest”! I guess he’s just a MOOSE!  So, Georgette picked up some materials and patterns and made him a coat and knitted him a sweater. These are some pics of Frankie with his new wardrobe. He’s lucky to have such a crafty mom.

Chino/ Frankie Update

First of all we want to thank you Laura, for what you are doing for unfortunate animals and for people like ourselves. Know that, for us, you’ve brought together a great spirit and a family that needed each other. After just a couple of days, we’ve all become attached to each other. 

Sophie’s Blog

My wife and I adopted Sophie in January, 2012.  We couldn’t take her home immediately due to our new home being renovated, but we would walk her every weekend where she was boarded so she would get used to us.  As long as we had her beloved cheese, she was happy as a clam!  The day we brought her home was so funny; she walked into the house and ran directly into her bed!  It is if she knew the house was already hers.  We even had the added the bonus of Sophie’s colors matching the room!      Today, Sophie is still vibrant and lively as ever (though a little bit heavier).  She has proven to be quite the security guard with her constant roving of the house checking on things.  She loves basking in the light through the sliding glass door and running outside in our large back yard; however, she puts up quite the fuss when dealing with the cold.  She will whine almost immediately and if there is a space heater in operation, she will take complete control of it.  In addition, if the weather permits, she loves to go in my work truck when I go to plumbing calls.       Sophie has become an integral part of this family.  My wife and I can’t imagine not having her with us.  Thank you Protectors of Animals for giving us another member of the family.