Please help us raise money to help us rescue and care for local cats and dogs!

Support POA and our mission to rescue abandoned, abused and stray cats and dogs. Our rescue supports our local animals pulling directly from local pounds and helping animals in need. POA performs all medical care on our animals as needed so that our animals are happy and healthy when they are placed in their forever homes. Because of this our medical bills vastly exceed our adoption fees! So we depend on fundraising to make sure we have enough funds to continue our work. A portion of the cost of the POA shirt will be donated to POA!

Protecting animals and preserving communities. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 no kill animal shelter and rescue. POA was formed in 1975 to rescue abandoned, abused and stray cats and dogs. Today we are one of the oldest and most respected animal welfare organizations in the northeast. POA is here to stay! You will not find a more dedicated, experienced or thorough resource for improving the lives of Connecticut cats and dogs. We confine our focus to our home state because this is where our infrastructure and resources reside, as well as our leadership.