Cassie is now called Fontine, she has settled into her new home with her new family. She’s already feeling comfortable with dogs, older cat, and humans. Fontine is the sweetest, most well behaved kitten that must be attributed to the amazing care received amazing foster care!!! She is gentle, smart, friendly, curious and the perfect fit for her new family. 


Cosette is loving her new home.


Maddie quickly warmed up to her new family including her sister Maggie.  She has really helped pull Maggie out of her shell.  Maddie is indeed a lap cat and cannot go without her snuggles at bed time and Maggie always wants to be with her and has started coming into bed as well.


Cora is now named Cuddles is ruling the roost in her new home 

Patron and Hennessey 

Things are going well for Patron and Hennessey  and they are getting used to their new fur-siblings.

Recent Cat Adoptions

Check out some of POA’s recently adopted kitties settling into their forever homes! Our wonderful volunteer Janette made a video to share!

Harley and Kira

Harley ( Miguel ) and Kira (Clementine ) are doing great and they adore each other!  They like to jump up on the desk and walk all over there new mom and her key board. They now have a cat bed on the desk. They see it as a challenge, because it’s a single cat bed, and they want to defy the laws of physics and occupy the same space at the same time.    


Millie was adopted in September of 2016. She has  brother Harry and they get along so well.


Nosy’s name is now Bella. She found her fo rever home in 20012. She LOVES her brown blankie, and refuses to sleep on the couch without it. She also loves the top spot in the kitty condo, so she can look outside at the squirrels!