A 1 year update from Parker

We love to hear how are dogs are doing no matter how long it has been since they have been adopted.  Here is a great update about Parker who was adopted nearly one year ago!

Hi, Laura –
Hope all is well with you and everyone at the shelter… 

It’s been quite a while since I updated you on Parker….he’s just a little love and has become a very big part of our family!  It’s hard to believe that April 27 will be a year since Parker found us.  I’ve attached some pictures I thought you might enjoy. 

Parker continues to absolutely love his feline brother Obie (many times I see him with half of Obie’s head in his mouth – wants to play with him every waking moment).  Zoe (our 12-year old cat), on the other hand, puts Parker in his place and shows him who’s boss.  It doesn’t stop him though – he continues to try and chase her, only to quickly turn around and try to run away from her – it’s like a sitcome at times!
I’ve also included a picture of Parker as he looked when we picked him up from the shelter…  it’s just amazing how different he looks!  He’s still a little peanut weighing in at 12-13 lbs…  has a lot of friends at Camp Bow Wow doggy daycare, as well as on our street.  He commands a lot of attention and will definitely let you know when he’s not receiving enough!
Take care, Laura!


Here are some photos…this first photo is how Parker looked when he was adopted.  The newt few show him as he is now (with a better haircut) in his home!