Chloe (Cutie) and Her New Family

“As you can see, Cutie really settled in with us, Winston and Gizmo.  They all get along really well although Gizmo wasn’t too happy at first.  She definitely took over all of us and we are so happy that she found her forever home.  As you know, Winston was adopted from the Animal House in Waterford.  February will be 2 years and is now l0 years old.  Gizmo was also rescued and it’s been 8 years .  As you can also see, we’re letting her hair grow in for the winter which is absolutely beautiful.  So wavey! 
We can’t tell you how very happy we are that she lives with all of us.  She has completely won us over with her happy, warm and “cute” disposition.  Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her.”