Cody Update

Cody is a wonderful dog. He loves to be near us. He follows us around the house and is content to just lay around and watch tv or just chill out. He obeys the sit stay and lay down commands . He will wait until he is given the command to eat.  I can’t wait for better weather conditions to take him on long walks and hikes.  He lacks socialization skills and hope to get him use to being around other dogs. This may take some time.  Who knows what his past life was like in that situation.
I hope all is well with you. Erik is so happy with Cody. He takes Cody for his morning walk before school and walks and plays with him when he gets home. Cody has a bed in Erik’s room and at bed time Cody follows Erik upstairs and settle in for the night.

Thank you for making all this possible.

-Rosalie 🙂