Frankie Update

  Frankie saw our Vet for the first time yesterday.  He weighs 12.6 pounds. He was great – well-behaved and very friendly. Everybody loved his personality and found him very handsome. 

  We noticed that he didn’t like to go out with the other dogs when it got too cold. They have these natural big heavy duty fur coats, and poor Frankie was shivering with the cold (although, he didn’t mind the snow when it got warmer). We were using some of our dogs’ old coats, but they just didn’t fit right and kept sliding around on him. We tried shopping for some, but found no good fit anywhere. One lady at PetSmart said they don’t seem to make coats for his length with his small waist and “barrel chest”! I guess he’s just a MOOSE!

 So, Georgette picked up some materials and patterns and made him a coat and knitted him a sweater. These are some pics of Frankie with his new wardrobe. He’s lucky to have such a crafty mom.