Maggie’s Doing Great

Hi Laura 


I finally had a minute to check my emails and saw you had written to me. I don’t open my computer daily so sometimes it takes me a bit to get back to people


Maggie is doing very well. No problem with the cats, if she gets too close they give a quick hiss and she backs off. But they are around her all day and she seems to like them very much. I think they like her too. She enjoys her new yard – lots to smell and investigate. Our vet said she is in good shape and probably @ 8 years old as you stated. We got her a supply of Heartgard and flea/tick preventative so we can keep her on schedule. Pretty much everything has been about Maggie since we got her. She had a bath and grooming yesterday and did wonderful. The groomers said she was a very good dog but didn’t like the big blow dryers so they used the hand held type. She smells very nice and her fur is clean and shiny. She adores the car and goes to sleep as soon it starts moving!


We took her for a nice walk yesterday in a local park and she had a ball. We are off again today to get her a harness, our vet recommended the Easy Walk and some more treats and supplies. I have a bed on order for her and a new collar and leash.


The only thing we have to work on is housetraining. She is fine all night but doesn’t understand she has to GO outside during the day. If need be, we will get some professional training but for now we are treating her like a puppy and doing basic housetraining with her.


I will try to get you a pic of Maggie but I am not that good at it. I have a basic phone but may be able to still email you something. I will be getting a disposable camera to take photos of her but I will try over the computer as well.


I hope Mae and the others are fine.


Thank you for Maggie – we all think she is a really great dog – very sweet and gentle. She is actually laying by my side right now. She pretty much stays close to me if I am around, if not she is sure to find either mom or dad for company!

Have a great weekend!

Linda 🙂