Mia (River) and Her New Home

“Things are going really well with Mia.  She has gained about 6 lbs and has gotten a little bit taller.  But we’re pretty sure she’s not going to be bigger than she is right now at 30 lbs.  She is a very feisty little girl.  She has eaten through 2 crate beds,  4 socks and a plethora of bones.  For the first week or so that we had her, I hiked with her (on leash) and Pacino.  After that, we’ve been hiking off leash 5 days a week.  She doesn’t let Pacino or I out of her sight, which is very nice.  We usually walk with 4 other dogs, so there’s quite a pack running through the woods, and she holds up very well with all the others.  She loves running and chasing and being chased!  She’s definitely a good match for our family. 

She’s made quite a few new friends! For some reason, when she gets out of control Pacino sits on her!