Nella update!

Here is an update on Nella.

Hi Laura,

I hope you are well today.  Tony wanted me to send you these pictures of Nalla and Shabba.  She is doing well.  She is eating treats out of every body’s hands and she is eating in the kitchen where Shabba eats although she is a little skittish when she is eating.  She has had two accidents in the house, but we are working with her and they were really our fault for not getting up and taking her outside.  

She plays really good with Shabba in the house and I am looking up information that is helping me to identify her behaviors so I can help her.  We have taken her for walks.  We still have her on the leash when she is in the yard, we need to fix a couple of areas to make sure she cannot get out.  We did not realize they may be an issue because of her size.  She has been taken to the vet and she had been micro-chipped.  We got the rabies information that you sent us in the mail and we will be able to get her license soon.  She is still a sweetheart to us all.

She is wagging her tail a lot.  She is getting used to my husband and my sons.  She makes us laugh a lot and she is being obedient to some commands.  

Here are some pics of Nalla in her new home.  Just wanted to give you an update and I hope you like the pictures.