Olive’s happy ever after…

Great news to report from Olive in her new home.

Hi Laura-

Olive is doing well!  She is a bit anxious but she is good to let us know when she is worried.  As you know she is quite the talker!
We tried to make her first day as smooth as possible (even though we were stressed about the events unfolding in Boston).  She had her own bed and crate.  She took to the crate immediately and instantly seemed more calm once she knew she had a safe space that is her own.
She does great on walks. She’s already gone to our local dog park and has done very well.
As with all dogs who are introduced to a new home there some things we need to work with her on.  She does express some separation anxiety.  As you predicted she has already attached herself to me and does wine and bark when I leave and she does follow me around the house.  She also becomes protective of her food when Cody (our other dog) is around.  We immediately laid the ground rules for food.  They eat in separate rooms and are not allowed in the kitchen when we are cooking.  Considering it’s only been three days I think she is doing well.  I know these things take time so we are trying to stick to our routines as much as possible to help her along.
Tomorrow she starts doggie day care so I’ll send an update on how she does.  I’ve attached some pictures and will definitely send more!

Best, Lisa