Oscar, The Celebrity at Vitas Hospice

My friend/neighbor Betty O’Reilly said she told you about Oscar being a celebrity making the front page of the Vitas Hospice Newsletter.  I have scanned the front page for you to see just how cute he is. 

Of course, I am not at all prejudice but I have to say some 3 years later that I am very much in love with this wonderful dog.  Medically, he is doing well and off all his meds.
He is quite the charmer at the Paradigm Nursing Home in South Windsor where we make weekly visits.  He loves to get on the patients beds while they feed him the biscuits that I supply.  He kisses and cuddles until he has had enough and then he looks at me with sad eyes saying “Rescue me, I have had enough”.  Anyway, the staff and patients all love Oscar and he seems to enjoy all the fuss that they make over him.
Soon, Paradigm will have their Christmas Party and Oscar attends all there parties.  He will be in his Santa costume and walk proudly around the facility.
As always, I am so grateful to you and your facility for allowing me to adopt this wonderful dog.  Have a great holiday with your family.

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