Oscar Update

Hi Laura,


I saw your POA program on TV last week and it was a wonderful showing of what you volunteers do.  Of course, I am a little prejudice.  Your boys are just adorable.


Oscar had his sixth birthday last week (he was 3 when I adopted him).  He is doing well with no signs of his original diagnosis of kidney problems returning.  He celebrated with family and loved his cake and ice cream.



Above is a pic of Oscar in his new tee shirt that he wore when we attended a 100 year old resident’s birthday party at the nursing home.  The top of the tee reads “The cutest dog on this Earth”. He loves going there and adores all the attention that he gets.  He is a charmer.  I am so blessed that we found each other. 


Hope all is going well with you.


Hugs, Sue Pivnick & Oscar