Penny Update

How are you!  Little Penny graduated from obedience class last night! So, of course I wanted to send you some pictures of the big event. Penny’s been doing pretty good, we’re so proud! She learned a lot at class and is also getting an electric fence (from Gagnon’s) next month so she can run and play in the yard with out a leash. She’s been going to daycare about once a week and plays with most of my family and friends dogs very well! Included is also a picture of Penny with my friends puppy 🙂 The last few pictures are just Penny snuggling, one of her favorite things to do! She’s so stinkin cute! As for Chris and Penny, it’s safe to say he is pretty much fallen completely for her at this point and now we have fun arguing over who she loves more (obviously its me haha). Hope all I well! Talk to you soon.