Pepe Update

Hi Laura,

Hope this email find you well! It’s been a while since I’ve given you an update

on our Pepe and I thought you and your team would like to know how he’s doing.

Attached is a family photo from Thanksgiving.

Pepe’s had his ups and downs health-wise. In December, he had surgery to remove 2 bladder

stones. We’ve learned that he has irritable bowel syndrome and Addison’s disease. 

With steroids and a special diet, he is doing well most days. 

He’s still fussy about going for walks so my husband drives us about a mile from home and we 

get out and walk so he has no choice other than to walk, which he eventually enjoys!

He is getting lots of love and affection which I think is helping him a lot, too.

Hope the snow’s not too bad for you and you and all your rescue dogs are fine!

Take Care!