Tucker is off!

Great news for Tucker.  He went home last week and is already enjoying home life.  I am happy to share the first update from his new home!

Things are going well with Tucker. I think he has acclimated himself to our home and routines. He seems to be very content here and has already found his favorite spot on the couch when we are watching TV or movies. He has even learned to eat his food in one sitting after Buddy started helping himself to what he left behind with the first feeding. He hasn’t had any stomach issues at all and we have been giving him the same treats as Buddy gets and have even mixed in some of Buddy’s puppy food to see if he can tolerate something new. He and Buddy get along great already. They have been sharing toys and even sleep in the same bed sometimes during the day after they play and wear each other out. He has done well with my son’s friends that stayed over this weekend and my father-in-law, who stops by daily. He is such a good boy he even asks to go outside when he needs to go potty, something we are still working on with Buddy. Today we are going to go to Petco to fit him for a harness so we can go on longer walks. I don’t know if he has ever gone “shopping” before, but I am sure he will like it. He was great in the car on the ride home, so I don’t think he gets as nervous as Buddy does in the car. I think he is already teaching Buddy to relax and not bark at every leaf that blows by the window too. Either that or they have been so busy that Buddy doesn’t notice the leaves anymore. He is a great addition to our family!

And some photos!