Update for Niko aka Bubbles.

Hi Anya,

I hope you are doing well.  Sorry it has been so long since you received
an update.

Nicco is doing great!  He is such a love.  We really do enjoy having him
as part of the family.

The dark winter nights proved a little too dangerous for our nightly walks
(cold and messy too), so we got a treadmill.  I’m happy to report that
Nicco and I walk the treadmill nearly every night we are not able to go
outside.  He loves it and if I’m on the treadmill he patiently watches and
waits for his turn.

This week, he started doggie daycare.  Winston isn’t much of a playmate
and I realized that Nicco needed some extra exercise and socialization.
He loves it!  Now when I leave the house and don’t take him, he barks at
me to go.  He’ll be going 2 days a week.  He’s made fast friends there
with a labradoodle.

Starting Monday night, we’ll be going to a 7 week long obedience I class.
It is being taught by Diane Abbot (in case you have heard of her).  I
admit the class is more for me than Nicco.  I want to be sure to give him
consistent messages and reinforcement.

I’ve attached a picture from daycare.  He refused to look at the camera.
I find it hard to get good pictures of him either becuase his color blends
into the background or mostly becuase he does not stop moving.

Take care