Update on Eva

Here is an update on Eva, formally Eve.

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to send you a picture update of Eva (Eve). She is doing great! We also have two cats that we adopted from POA and she gets along great with both of them. One, Guster (as seen in the picture) is her new best friend. They sleep together and play together. In fact, Guster sneaks up on her, pokes her and runs away so that she’ll chase him. Its pretty funny to watch! I attached a picture of the two of them sleeping. She is such a good dog! She’s a great listener and she loves the big window seat that overlooks the back yard. It has become her spot. I just wanted to tell you how happy both my husband and I are with her. We’ve had her for only 7 months but she is definitely a big part of our family now. Thank you!

Jen and Michael