Update on Leche (Lady) and Java (Pearl)

Here is an nice 1 year update on Leche and Java…both adopted from POA.

Since last week marks our one-year adoption anniversary for Leche
(formerly Lady) and our two-year anniversary of adopting Java
(formerly Pearl), I thought I would drop you an update on them both.

Both of these girls continue to be great fun, and to be happy and
healthy.  They are proudly the center of attention at all family
gatherings, and they continue to be the best of friends to each other.
This past winter, particularly in the big blizzard we had, we
discovered just how much Java loves the snow, and how much Leche hates
it.  Java will recklessly dive through it, and Leche can’t be bothered
– she would much rather sleep in front of our fireplace- which she did
did plenty this past winter!

Leche has a stuffed toy beaver that is nearly as big as her, but she
will carry it around in her mouth proudly with her tail wagging
furiously.  She likes to sleep with it nearby.

Attached are some newer pictures of them.  We also did a little hidden
camera video on them catching them in the act of going into the
garbage on St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s a silly little video but if you
want to see it you can check it out here:

Hope all is well with you and your organization.  I am sure you have
made many many families and dogs happy with your work.  We are lucky
and blessed to have the two great little girls you rescued for us.