Desi – Forever in our Heart!

We recently lost a member of our family – our shelter cat Desi.  Desi came to us around age 4 and got adopted out to a nice older gentleman who loved her very much.  When he passed away 4 years later she came back to us and she’s been there ever since.  She was 14 years old and recently began suffering from kidney failure and seizures.  Below is a poem written by one of our volunteers – Leah Raymond – about Desi’s life at the shelter.

DESI with those big green eyes, watching as the feet go by.
Laying there she gets a pet, some are old, some new just met.
Daily walk to playroom back, moving those old bones to crack.
Strong, courageous, loving, brave, POA her life they gave.
Other cats dare not cross her line. they knew she was not fine.
Respect for that ole’ girl they said.  Let her be peaceful in her bed.
DESI, DESI with those big green eyes, now look down from the big blue sky.
No more feet does she see, she looks from above and sees you and me.
Thank-you, thank-you for all you do, all the kitties up here, want me to tell you!!!